About Cayman University Divers

CU Divers officially started operations in the Summer of 2012.  Owner, Brad Nelson had operated dive boats for other companies in Grand Cayman since 1988 and decided it was time to start his own service. The decision has been a good one. The boat takes 6 divers and Brad goes out on every trip. He decided to schedule only one trip per day so the customers could maximize their bottom times as well as surface intervals. He even lets the customers pick the start time!  He won't tell you it's time to go up, your computer and air consumption will do that.

Brad wanted to do something unique within the industry so he decided to offer Narrated Guided Tours. Your Dive Guide can actually speak to you underwater as he guides you along the walls and reefs. CU Divers is the only dive company on the planet that offers the opportunity for their customers to partake in this type of interaction from the dive guide. The customers have been loving it.

Be sure to book your next trip with CU Divers and take advantage of the complimentary Narrated Tour.