Annual General Conditions

The good news about Grand Cayman is that there is excellent scuba diving almost every day of the year. Whenever there are high seas on one side, there is a “lee” side of the island to go diving. Visibility is usually quite good all year round. Water temperature varies with the season.

Summer (Jul-Sept) Conditions are usually
GREAT all around the island. During August
and early September, seas can be dead calm

for days. This is the season to dive the North Wall.
Visibility can be SPECTACULAR!!

Water is an incredible 84-86 (F) degrees.

Fall (Oct-Nov): Best diving conditions will be on the
side of Grand Cayman. Occasional fall storms
move the diving to the South side.North wall diving
is more like spring. November actually has better 
weather and diving conditions than October. 

Water temp is 81-83 (F) degrees.

Winter (Dec-March): Best diving conditions are usually
on the West 
side of the island. Except for the occasional
“Northwester” storms, seas are low chop to calm. When
a storm does come, we dive the
 South side (which is amazing!)
During the winter the North 
side seas can be quite choppy,
limiting comfortable diving.

Water temperature is usually 80-81 (F) degrees.

Spring (Apr-Jun): Best diving conditions are usually
on the
side. There are only a few storms that
affect the W
est side diving. Usually calm seas.
There is less chop on the North 
side, so comfortable
boat diving is possible as well.

Water temp is usually 82-83 (F) degrees.