Narrated Guided Dives

CU Divers offers its customers a unique experience like no other in the world - Narrated Scuba Tours! Our Cutting Edge technology allows your Dive Guide to describe what you are seeing, alert you to something wonderful and answer the "what is that thing" question while you are still underwater. Find out what that critter is right now! Don't miss another Eagle Ray, Turtle or Manta that everyone else in your group got to see!

With our HighTech listener it's easy

Simply attach the explorer unit to your BCD and slip the sonic speaker under your mask strap for the experience of a lifetime! Your guide will do the rest.

Our HighTech listener is a small, compact device that picks up a signal from your underwater guide and transmits it to your unit's sonic speaker. It uses bone conduction technology to enable you to hear what your guide is saying about the aquatic life you are seeing.

The Narration Experience is Free of Charge

While the technology has been around for a while, it's only recently been developed for the sport scuba diver. We at Cayman University Divers are the first scuba operation in Cayman to offer this technology to its customers.

Take advantage of this high-tech offering from CU Divers and enjoy a whole new underwater experience while you discover what you've been missing on those wall and reef dives.

So Simple to Use

Our "listening only" devices are real easy for ALL divers to use. No special masks, complicated straps or other issues. You just attach the “receiver unit” to your BCD and slip the speaker under your mask strap so you can listen to what the dive master has to say. It's that easy.

We use this system as part of our scuba training, underwater photography classes and guided tours.